Thursday, January 12, 2017

*Physical Education At Fortuna High

I interviewed Katherine Lynch, one of 5 physical education teachers at Fortuna Union High School. She teaches two sections of PE1, Fitness & Flexibility, Advanced Conditioning for Girls, and Sports in American History. She always enjoyed sports and participated in a variety of them during her youth. Lynch said “The progression to becoming a physical education teacher came naturally. I first realized it would be a fun profession when I began coaching while I was attending college. Although I don't think I fully recognized it at the time, I was greatly influenced by many of the teachers and coaches I had during the course of my education.” Without realizing it Ms.Lynch had a path set in physical education. She enjoyed it herself and as a teacher she can now set other kids on to the same path as she went by motivating and inspiring them all.

On her free time she enjoys exercising. Lynch says she likes being active and the feeling of accomplishment after a good workout keeps her motivated. She said she enjoys the social aspect that comes from exercising with friends especially when she hikes or kayaks. I must agree with her because i remember in my years of taking PE after running a  mile i would feel proud of finishing it. I may have not been the fastest but i never gave up. If you want to stay motivated like me and many others Ms.Lynch says it's important to select physical activities that you enjoy doing so you don't give up. She says “many people also benefit from setting goals. Motivation is better maintained as you reach different benchmarks in the goals you set for yourself.” Another strategy that works well for some people is to have a workout partner. Working with a friend can provide encouragement, keep you accountable, and provide socialization throughout the process.

A main part of exercise means eating the right foods to keep you energized. “maintaining a good nutrition is essential to one's health. If you want to see optimal benefits from your exercise you must fuel your body with the appropriate nutrients. Eating a well balanced diet and staying hydrated will also help increase your energy levels.” This means drink plenty of water before,during, and after your workout so you don't dehydrate.

I asked her how often an average person should exercise and she said it is beneficial to do some physical activity everyday if possible. If you are doing resistance/strength training she believes it is good to work all major muscle groups at least twice a week. There is also aerobic training that you could do at least three times a week. She says that is good to identify your training goals and then structure a workout routine to meet any goals you want to reach. If anyone ever wants help Ms.Lynch is always happy to help set up a workout for you. She finds it rewarding to see people create a healthy lifestyle.


  1. I love this interview! I think being active in your every day life is a great thing because it keeps you and your body healthy.Mrs. Lynch is a great example of this!

  2. I love Lynch! I'm in her advanced conditioning class for girls and its yoga and Pilates and its so much fun. i love that your encouraging physical education because being healthy is super important. Lynch was the best one to interview for this too!