Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Self Selected Response On Zika

If you have not heard of Zika it is a virus that people can get when bit by a mosquito. It is also sexually transmitted so it's important people are safe. One in five cases show symptoms which is not good because it can get spread quickly that way.It can also be very hard to track down given that no one really shows symptoms. It's good that they have finally invested money into this problem because there is way too many infants that are being born with defects. It affects their brain development which is not good at all. The worst part of all this is these babies that are born with their brains undeveloped either die right after birth or those who stay alive have to be under lots of care so they make sure everything stays well with them. With this money they are going to find a vaccine before it spreads any further.Hopefully they are able to find one because there has already been to many victims of this virus. Getting a vaccine to stop this can take time but it was time that they began this research because they have already let it get out of control. People are disappointed that it took the congress so long to respond to this problem. If they would have responded quicker it would be easy to keep it from spreading everywhere instead of just waiting for a case to show up then they decide to deal with it. The longer they wait the more chances there is that it will quickly keep spreading. There has been one-hundred thirty four homegrown cases in Florida alone. This has shown how unprepared we are for these type of outbreaks. We should be able to fix these problems quick instead of just turning away and then coming back later after it's a harder problem to fix.


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  1. I totally agree with you that this problem should be fixed ,but if they don't know the symptoms then how were they supposed to stop it when it first started? I also agree they people and their babies should be really careful cause if they die right after birth and they need lots of care to live. I really hope they find a vaccine so we can help people that have been infected with this "Zika". i really wanted to know is it only in Florida where these things are or are they other places as well? Maybe the people who have been infected can get other people to raise enough money to get the vaccine? or even go to other places for a solution. I feel like i would be disappointed as well if it took a long time for them respond if i was infected too. I really like your blogs Areli keep it up !!