Friday, October 14, 2016

Brothers Conjoined at Head Now Separated

There is two toddlers Anias and Jadon McDonald they are currently two years old and were born conjoined of the head and are going through surgery today October 13 2016. This birth is very rare the chances are 1 in a million. There mother was saying how she almost doesn't want to separate them because god sent them to her the way they are for a reason. The only reason she went ahead with the surgery is because if they didn't do it there was a higher risk that they wouldn't survive living after the age of two. One third die within 24 hours of their birth, and about 80% of twins joined at the head die of medical complications by the age of 2 if not separated and she didn't want that risk. Although there is risks in surgery she decided to take that path instead. In the operating room there was more than 20 people in the room it consisted of surgeons, doctors, nurses, staff. The surgery took almost 17 hours and they were safely separated. This surgery was the 59th craniopagus separation surgery in the world since 1952. When getting into the brain for surgery they had to be very careful because there is lots of blood vessels which are very fragile and if they cut them they would bleed out so they had to be super careful when it came to separating them. Both of the children made it out safely and there parents were so happy to be able to see them again after waiting all that time full of anxiety not knowing what would happen.


  1. Oh my goodness this is crazy! The percentage numbers show me that it would have to be a really concentrated surgery and a miracle for just one to live. So its awesome that they made it. I was kind of surprised to see this on your type of blog because i would think of excersise and healthy eating habits but you really stepped up a level i love this!

  2. WOW this is pretty odd, a medical mystery in my opinion, what struck me the most was that the mother of these two children almost let them stay like that. I am glad that the two children where able to make it out safe and sound.