Friday, September 23, 2016

My Sources

Source 1
This source is good because it talks about many things to do with health. It ranges from how to take care of your body from inside to out. They have articles on how to lose weight and how to  maintain a healthy balance.

Source 2
This source talks about how to stay healthy with the types of food you can eat. For example they had wrote about what you can eat to soothe a stomach ache. This source talks about all types of health like how to treat your skin and just take good care of yourself in general.

Source 3
I will be using this source because it talks about how meditation benefits your health. It talks about how you can develop personal growth, how to meditate and be spiritual.the author stays on topic and targets those who are interested in getting into meditation. They recently wrote on how to break bad habits by meditating.

Live and Dare


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Introduction To My Blog

I choose to write about health for my blog because I would like to be healthy myself so it is a journey we can go through together. As a highschooler I eat lots of junk food and the idea of being healthy doesn't sound too bad. If I were to really dedicate myself to it I could become a healthy person but for now i'm just gonna continue having pizza for breakfast here and there as I write a blog on how to be healthy.

In my blog I look forward to talking about how to treat yourself well by making the choice of eating well and just relaxing. You will not only be healthy physically but mentally as well. I will talk about the ways you can eat to keep yourself healthy and what benefits it will have on your body as well as the ways mediation will benefit you. I will be sharing my opinion about other articles.

I hope to be able to change someone's life out there and to help motivate them into being healthy. This can be an opportunity to change your life